Happy Eid-Il Fitr Celebration To All Muslim Faithfuls

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

It is with great joy and pleasure that I extend warm felicitations on behalf of the President of the Muslim Ummah of South West Nigeria (MUSWEN) to all the Muslim faithful in the South West region of Nigeria and beyond, as we celebrate the end of the holiest month of Ramadan, and the arrival of Eid-il Fitr.

The Ramadan period is a period of reflection, replenishment, and spiritual re-awakening. It is the time of the year that provides Muslims with an opportunity to connect with Allah through increased prayer and worship, charity, and self-discipline. The lessons of Ramadan are many, and they are fundamental to the practice of the Islamic faith.

One of the most important lessons of Ramadan is that of self-restraint/discipline. This is perhaps the most apparent aspect of the month, where Muslims refrain from eating and drinking; from dawn to sunset. Through self-denial and discipline, Muslims learn to prioritize their physical and spiritual needs, reminding themselves of the transient nature of this world and the importance of focusing on the hereafter.

Another crucial lesson of Ramadan is that of charity and compassion. Muslims are encouraged to share what they have with others, especially those in need. Through charity, they learn to empathize with the less fortunate and to recognize that they are not alone in the community. This sense of empathy and compassion provides the foundation for community harmony and peace.

We must not forget the lessons that Ramadan has taught us, such as the importance of mutual respect, love, peace, and harmony in our communities. Therefore, let us continue to cohabit peacefully with our fellow human beings, irrespective of our religious or ethnic backgrounds. We must recognize that we are all servants of God (Allah), with inherent dignity and rights that must be respected, promoted, and protected.

As Muslims, we must continue to be guided by the principles of love and compassion that Ramadan has taught us. Let us extend a hand of charity to those in need, especially during this period of global economic turmoil, where many families suffer from the economic impact of the crisis.

Once again, on behalf of the President of MUSWEN, Alh. Rasaki Oladejo FCS, I wish all Muslim faithfuls in the South West Nigeria and beyond a joyous and peaceful Eid-il Fitr celebration. May Allah’s mercy and blessings continue to shine upon us all.

Eid Mubarak!

Prof. Muslih ‘Tayo Yahya

Executive Secretary/CEO.

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