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The MUSWEN General Assembly comprises all bonafide member-Organisations and the members of the Central Working Committee. The General Assembly is the highest or supreme decision-making body of the Organisation.

Formal or official participation at the General Assembly of MUSWEN is only open to accredited delegates.

The General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Central Working Committee has the right to increase or reduce the number of delegates of any particular member-Organisation in reflection of its current status regarding age, numerical strength of membership, geographical spread, activities and general commitment to the cause of Islam in the region and to the aims and objectives provided that at all times the official head of every member-Organisation shall be one of the delegate of every member-Organisation.


The MUSWEN constitution provided for not less than Seven (7) nor more than Ten (10) with fair and equitable representation of the Six (6) member-states of the Organisation.

The members of the Board of Trustees were nine (9) as at the time of MUSWEN inauguration. These included.

Members of MUSWEN B.O.T before their death

  • Late Professor Aliu Babatunde Fafunwa – Lagos State
  • E Alhaja Lateefah Modupeola Okunnu – Lagos State
  • Late Sheikh Sodirudeen Biobaku – Ogun State
  • Late Professor Lateef Salako – Ogun State
  • Late Alhaji Sakariyau Olayiwola Babalola – Osun State
  • Late Alhaji Abdul Azeez Arisekola Alao – Oyo State
  • Alhaja Sekinah Adekola Iya Adinni of Yorubaland – Oyo State
  • Late Dr. Hussein Aladesawe – Ondo State
  • His Royal Majesty Oba Abdul Azeez Olu Adeyemi – Ekiti State

The new members of the Board of Trustees are the following:

  • Sheikh Abdul Hafeez Abou, Baba Adinni of Lagos – Lagos State (Replaces Late Professor Aliu Babatunde Fafunwa)
  • E Prince Abdul Jabbar Bola Ajibola – Ogun State – (Replaces Late Sheikh Sodirudeen Biobaku)
  • Justice Bola Babalakin – Osun State (Additional member of the Board of Trustees which make the total number to be Ten (10))
  • Alhaji Ishaq Kunle Sanni – Oyo State (Replaces Late Alhaji Abdul Azeez Arisekola Alao)


The Central Working Committee of MUSWEN is the Executive organ of the Organisation.

The Central Working Committee comprises the following members:

  1. President
  2. Deputy President
  3. Executive Secretary
  4. The Chairmen and the secretaries of all Muslim Communities or Councils or bodies of member-states
  5. Heads of foremost Muslim Organisation in the South West
  6. Chairmen of all Standing Committees
  7. Immediate Past President and Secretary-General or Executive Secretary of MUSWEN
  8. 40 prominent Muslims

The Central Working Committee performs the following functions:

  • Generally, the CWC oversees the Secretariat of the
  • Appointment of the Chief Executive Officer/ Executive Secretary of the Organisation.
  • It could also appoint other remunerated officer or officers who may be deemed fit and proper for the efficient operations of the Organisation.
  • It organizes the General Assembly and other meetings and functions of the
  • It sets up disciplinary committee or panel in respect of erring member-Organisation, staff or officer and to recommend disciplinary action to the General Assembly.
  • It nominates person or persons as Trustee (s) to the General Assembly for the purpose of the General Assembly.
  • It prescribes the number of accredited delegates of Member-Organisations at the General Assembly from time to time.


The Elders Council formerly referred to as Elders Forum came into existence to provide appropriate responses to socio-political issues of local and national importance and checkmate the excesses of the Christian dominated Yoruba groups who inadvertently speak on our behalf. The Elders Forum was inaugurated in December 2017. It comprises almost One hundred members. Its long list of membership is made up of retired Muslim Politicians of high repute like Senators, members of the house of representatives, ministers, governors, ambassadors, notable businessmen, permanent secretaries, etc.


The Secretariat is presently headed by the Executive Secretary, Professor Muslih Tayo Yahya.

Other members of staff are:

  1. Alhaji Abdulwakeel Olaniyi ACA, Manager (Finance & Admin),
  2. Alhaji Abdulganiyy Oyekunle, Administrative Officer
  • Alhaji Abdulwaheed Hassan, Personal Assistant to the Executive Secretary.



MUSWEN Standing Committees are as below:

  2. Muhib Opeloye, Chairman – Osun State
  3. Alhaja L. M. Okunnu – Lagos State
  4. Abdullah Jibril Oyekan – Lagos State
  5. Lateefah Durosinmi – Osun State
  6. Musa AbdurRaheem – Ekiti State
  7. A. A. Akanni – Ogun State
  8. Ismail Musa – Lagos State
  9. M. A. Adeleke – Osun State
  10. R. I. Adebayo – Oyo State
  • Azeez Olaniyan – Ekiti State
  1. Rasaq Ismaila – Oyo State
  2. Oladosu Afiz – Oyo State
  3. Alhaji Rasheed Adesina – Ogun State
  4. Alhaja Arike Adegoke – Oyo State
  5. M. A. Folorunso – Oyo State
  2. Muheez Durosinmi, Chairman – Osun State
  3. Azeez Ibrahim – Ekiti State
  4. Babatunde Yusuf – Ekiti State
  5. Medinat Abiodun Olaniyan – Ekiti State
  6. Fatimah Abdulkareem – Lagos State
  7. AbdulGaniy Labinjo – Lagos State
  8. Sanusi Olusegun A Misbau – Lagos State
  9. Hassan Ayinde Adelakun – Ogun State
  10. Alhaji Abdurafiu A. Adeniji – Ogun State
  11. Mrs. Aisha Lawal – Ogun State
  12. (Mrs) Foazat Ayoka Aragbaiye – Ondo State
  13. Abubakare Adedeji Egberongbe – Ondo State
  14. Taofiq Folorunso – Ondo State
  15. Alhaja Moridiyya Adeyemo – Osun State
  16. Abdullahi Kayode Ajenifuja – Osun State
  17. Taofik Adeyemi – Oyo State
  18. Matron Nusirat Bakare – Oyo State
  19. Lawal Babatunde Salako – Oyo State


  2. Alhaji Sulaiman Ogunlayi, Chairman – Ekiti State
  3. Alhaja Rafat A Momoh – Ondo Secretary
  4. Alhaji Tunde Popoola – Lagos
  5. Alhaji Niyi Yusuf – Lagos
  6. Dr Jubril Salaudeen
  7. Alhaji Mashood Tayo Giwa
  8. Prof Ishaq Amoo
  9. Alhaja Monsurah Ali-Oluwafuyi
  10. Barrister Ibrahim Olanrewaju – Ekiti
  • Tajudeen Yusuf
  1. Ustadh Ismail Busayri
  2. Taslim Ayo Hammed- Chairman – Oyo State
  3. Olawale Akeem Lasisi – Oyo
  4. Rasheed Olaniyi – Oyo
  5. Munirat Ogunlayi – Ekiti
  6. Lawyer Olaniyi Okin – Osun
  7. Amudalat Bola Olaniyan – Oyo
  8. Mrs Titilayo Musa – Ogun
  2. Alhaji Abdur-Rahman Balogun, Chairman – Oyo State
  3. Alhaji Oluwatoyin Yusuf
  4. Alhaji Ridwan Fasasi
  5. Hajia Salmah Lawal
  6. Mr Ridwan Kolawole


  2. Alhaji R. A. Ebiti, Chairman
  3. Dr. Wale Babalakin
  4. Alhaji Musiliu Smith
  5. Alhaja Shakirat Babatunde
  6. Alhaji Sulaiman AbdulMajeed
  7. Alhaji Abdul-Wakeel Olaniyi, Secretary
  2. Alhaji Murziq Siyanbade Chairman
  3. Alhaji Y.K.O. AbdulKareem,
  4. Alhaji Femi Abbas,
  5. Prof. Wole Abbas,
  6. Alhaji Kamal Dairo,
  7. Alhaji Kola Uzamot,
  8. Alhaji AbdulMajeed Imran,
  9. Dr. Abideen Olaiya and
  10. Prof. AbdulGaniy Raji Secretary

Other Committees are:

  1. Zakat Committee headed by Alhaji Femi Abbas,
  2. Legal Advisory Committee
  • Mediation and Reconciliation Committee.

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