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Islamic Education in Nigeria Past and present

The right of Children in Islam

Vision, Mission & Objectives


To unreservedly promote the oneness of Allah, project the other ideals of Islam and also foster unity, cooperation and collaboration amongst Muslims in South West of Nigeria


To be a vocal, influential and impactful umbrella body representing and promoting the interest of Muslims in South West of Nigeria.


As provided in Article 3 of the Constitution of MUSWEN, the objectives of the Organisation are:
  • To be unreservedly committed to the projection and promotion of oneness of Allah and the other ideals of Islam;
  • To foster unity, cooperation and collaboration amongst Muslim, in the South West Nigeria and to strive towards the achievement of consensus on issues that affect Islam and Muslims in Nigeria in general;
  • To serve as a rallying point for the Muslim Organisations, Institutions and Communities in the South West Nigeria and to establish a collective Leadership that is inclusive, credible, responsive and effective for Muslims in the Zone;
  • To act as the veritable voice of the Muslim Community in the Zone and to serve as a strong forum for the dissemination of true and accurate information about Islam and the Muslims;
  • To encourage Muslims to be active participants in the general affairs of the society at large while protecting the genuine interests of Islam and Muslims;
  • To promote and project the Muslim Community as a vanguard of fairness, justice, mutual respect and dignified tolerance;
  • To institute collective and effective measures for the eradication of all forms of ignorance, preventable diseases and abject poverty among the Muslims and indeed the humanity in general;
  • To facilitate joint and collective effort of all stakeholders towards the eradication of tribalism in all its facets and to promote true respect for human rights and the entrenchment of peaceful co-existence among various ethnic and religious groups in Nigeria and the world over; and
  • To engage in such programmes and activities that will facilitate the achievement of the above stated objectives

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